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Welcome to tumblr user, Alexgaeskarth's theme blog. Here you will find themes and pages created by the user along with some theme and psd recs.


Theme 11: Mist by Louiswillam

Live Preview | Code

Custom title
5 links (hover title)
scrollbar desc
500px posts
optional small cursor

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this theme has 5 links

the links are the colour bars and have a tooltip hover

this is really simple and easy to customize


a big shoutout  ari and taylor for being the greatest people ever and for helping out on this theme!

live preview + pastebin

Anonymous: on your main blog (alexgaeskarth) you have the little thing in the top left, how do i get that? sorry if you've already said or its on your blog :)

it’s an updates tab :) just go to /tagged/updates-tab on tumblr and you’ll find different types of them xx


↳ V A M P I R E S
  • Sidebar Title;
  • 4 Costum Links;
  • Tags on post hover;
  • Entering effect on Sidebar Links & Title.

This theme is a second version of one of my previous themes, Knee Socks.

live preview • code

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theme 17 - gossamer by melodypcnd

preview & code


  • 500px posts
  • 125px sidebar, a square sidebar image, and 5 links
  • Hover description on the sidebar picture- automatic scrollbar if your description exceeds the length provided
  • Captions only show in the permalink page, not on the homepage
  • Hover tags

more links: my themestheme networksupport

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Theme #60: Time Bomb


  • 200xauto sidebar
  • click on title for links
  • 5 links
  • tooltips
  • cool hover effect on sidebar links
  • optional cursor
  • option to have 500px or 400px posts

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THEME #10 - C H A N G E S

             ↳ Sidebar title;
↳ Square sidebar (100px);
             ↳ 4 costum links on sidebar hover;
             ↳ Image on the left corner of the theme.

live preview • code

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BOX PAGE THEME - preview / code

Based off of this Codrops tutorial. Click the boxes and different sections pop up! I really, really really recommend some knowledge of HTML and CSS if you wish to use this page theme.

One box for an about, one box for a friends/biase list, one links box, and one FAQ/ask box.

**IMPORTANT** Remember to put your URL in the code so that your ask box works!



this is a pretty simple theme!

there are 5 links

there is a title

and there is an entering effect!

rules are the same, dont steal or redistribute

I hope you enjoy it!!!

live preview + pastebin


THEME #9 - K N E E  S O C K S

             ↳ Entering effect on links;
↳ Rectangle sidebar (245px);
             ↳ 4 costum links;
             ↳ Really simple theme.

live preview • code

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Theme 36: Breathe by Roxie

Static preview | Pastebin | FreeTextHost


  • Optional sidebar image (width: 130px)
  • One main title + second title
  • Hover navigation
  • 5 customized links


  • Please like or reblog if you’re using
  • Do not use as a base
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Do not remove the credit

If you have any problem please message me


Theme 29 - High Hopes by narruld

Live Preview | Code

  • 6 customizable square links with tooltips
  • second title 
  • short or long description
  • do not remove credit, copy or use as base
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Triple Page Pack by ofcuteboys

Navigation Page 01-Classic

This theme is very simple and pretty. It uses serif fonts and has unlimited links in three different categories. 

live preview | code

About Me Page 01-Classic

Like its navigation counterpart, this theme is simple, and has a lot of space for you to write anything you’d like your followers to know about you. Both Classic themes are very bookish and elegant.

live preview | code

Navigation Page 02-Compass

This page is very sleek and modern. It has room for a maximum of 32 links in 8 different categories, plus three links in the top. 

live preview | code

About Me Page 02-Verbose 

This theme is modern and classy, and it goes with the Compass theme. There is unlimited room for text in two scrolling boxes, and it leaves even the wordiest of people plenty of space to write.

live preview | code

About Me Page 03-Concise

This page is sleek and modern, just like Compass and Verbose, but it contains less space for text than its counterpart and has room for links and pictures, too. 

live preview | code

Navigation Page 03-Miniature 

The miniature page series is my pitiful attempt at being kawaii, but I think it turned out rather cute nonetheless. Bright colors, tiny boxes, and light font. It has room for 4 categories of links and there is almost no limit on the number in each category.

live preview | code

About Me Page 04-Miniature

This page goes with the navigation page by the same name, and has  two scrolling boxes of text and pictures. The theme itself is small, but there is no limit to the amount you can put inside.

live preview | code

I hope you enjoy these pages! Let me know if you have any trouble at, and please remember to like or reblog this post if you’re using one of the pages. Follow the rules, and enjoy them!


Theme #59: She Looks So Perfect


  • 200xauto sidebar
  • 5 links
  • cool fishie thing (customization tutorial here)
  • tooltips
  • sidebar title
  • optional cursor
  • option to have 500px or 400px

credit for the fishies go to katrina

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Anonymous: I tried googling it, buuut I got the fish already installed on my theme and I want it as my bg like yours is but the problem is, I can't get my posts to stay? The fish cover them up. >.< How can I fix this?

z-index :)

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