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Welcome to tumblr user, Alexgaeskarth's theme blog. Here you will find themes and pages created by the user along with some theme and psd recs.


TUTORIAL BY PSCS5; How to make pastel GIFS.

  • Photoshop cs5 extended was used 
  • TV Show: Teen Wolf
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This effect is simple to achieve. Like anything done in Photoshop, there are probably more ways to achieve the pastel look. But this is how I did it and how you can do it too. This will not work on most gifs because of the lighting in each scene. It’s not impossible but it’s much harder to get a really nice look to the gif.

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Tutorial: Pop Up Menu



Pop-Up Menu is quite different and like any tool has its positives and negatives.

  • Positive: Makes the page more dynamic, and need not redirects.
  • Negative: The INFINITE SCROLL doesn’t work fine when you use it.


Before doing anything, it’s good if you save your code as a precaution. 

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Pack #008 by Mixsoucers. This pack contains 45 images for minimalist posters, here you can see some examples. And please Like or reblog if you download. And do not distribute or claim to your own. Enjoy!! {dl{preview}


[ updates tab #1 ]

livepreview :: code

details and instructions on how to add more tabs under the cut!

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theme #61 - pompeii


  • 200px sidebar
  • 5 links
  • 500px posts
  • hover tags
  • option to have a left or right sidebar

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Theme 11: Mist by Louiswillam

Live Preview | Code

Custom title
5 links (hover title)
scrollbar desc
500px posts
optional small cursor

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this theme has 5 links

the links are the colour bars and have a tooltip hover

this is really simple and easy to customize


a big shoutout  ari and taylor for being the greatest people ever and for helping out on this theme!

live preview + pastebin

Anonymous: on your main blog (alexgaeskarth) you have the little thing in the top left, how do i get that? sorry if you've already said or its on your blog :)

it’s an updates tab :) just go to /tagged/updates-tab on tumblr and you’ll find different types of them xx


↳ V A M P I R E S
  • Sidebar Title;
  • 4 Costum Links;
  • Tags on post hover;
  • Entering effect on Sidebar Links & Title.

This theme is a second version of one of my previous themes, Knee Socks.

live preview • code

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theme 17 - gossamer by melodypcnd

preview & code


  • 500px posts
  • 125px sidebar, a square sidebar image, and 5 links
  • Hover description on the sidebar picture- automatic scrollbar if your description exceeds the length provided
  • Captions only show in the permalink page, not on the homepage
  • Hover tags

more links: my themestheme networksupport

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Theme #60: Time Bomb


  • 200xauto sidebar
  • click on title for links
  • 5 links
  • tooltips
  • cool hover effect on sidebar links
  • optional cursor
  • option to have 500px or 400px posts

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THEME #10 - C H A N G E S

             ↳ Sidebar title;
↳ Square sidebar (100px);
             ↳ 4 costum links on sidebar hover;
             ↳ Image on the left corner of the theme.

live preview • code

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BOX PAGE THEME - preview / code

Based off of this Codrops tutorial. Click the boxes and different sections pop up! I really, really really recommend some knowledge of HTML and CSS if you wish to use this page theme.

One box for an about, one box for a friends/biase list, one links box, and one FAQ/ask box.

**IMPORTANT** Remember to put your URL in the code so that your ask box works!



this is a pretty simple theme!

there are 5 links

there is a title

and there is an entering effect!

rules are the same, dont steal or redistribute

I hope you enjoy it!!!

live preview + pastebin


THEME #9 - K N E E  S O C K S

             ↳ Entering effect on links;
↳ Rectangle sidebar (245px);
             ↳ 4 costum links;
             ↳ Really simple theme.

live preview • code

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